How to Build ​Your GDI business


UPDATE: ​Group Team Member Anji Long explains how to explode your GDI business...​We have now added the exciting Funnel Five system to explode your potential earnings.

It is extremely important to immediately get
involved and running your GDI business after
signing up.

This action plan gives you a broad outline of
what you need to do to make a positive start.

The domain name you choose when signing up will be
pointing to a website that promotes GDI so you can tell
people to go to your website to show them the GDI
program and business.

So if the domain name you chose when signing up
was you would say to someone, this is
the new online opportunity I have just begun
why not have a look here and then give then your
​website address which in this example would be

They would then put in a browser to view
the program and business.

As this would be your domain name you would get
the credit and the person would join with your team.

OK So let's move on.

First I are going to look at getting you introduced
to your GDI admin area and a few of the key
components you need to become familiar with.

With this in mind I suggest that your first
step is to commence the GDI Learning Bonus.

This not only introduces some key elements of the
program but also has the added benefit of earning you
a $25 bonus which will be paid to you after two
months and when you reach your minimum payout

The Learning bonus part of the program was specifically
designed to get you started in the program
and not only use some of it's tools but also
to aid you in promoting GDI by way of asking you
to input 10 email addresses of people you know
who you think this opportunity might be of interest to.

Watch this video that walks you through the GDI Learning Bonus.

Whilst completing this Learning Bonus I would
also suggest that you register for Facebook forums
that allow you to post business opportunities to
their members.

Below are a few such Facebook forums but I would
suggest that you use the Facebook search facility
to find more.

You can use phrases such as these to search for
new forum groups to post to:

Advertise Your Business
Home Business Opportunities
Advertise Your Business Opportunities

These are a few examples but there are literally hundreds
of these forums and I suggest you use your imagination
to find new key word phrases to find more forums you
can post to.

An example of a post you may use is this:

😒😒Serious People NEEDED😒😒
$25 Learning Bonus - Monthly Income
😍😍PLUS $100 Bonus Payouts😍😍
7 Day FREE Trial then $10 Only per month.
🌎 Worldwide Opportunity... Ask how? 🌎

Again I would suggest you use your imagination to
write variations upon this type of advertisement.

Please do not make promises of certain amounts of earnings
as guaranteed or any false promises.

This is a genuine business and opportunity but you
do no want to mislead people with any false hopes or promises.

I will supply some images and graphics you can use
in your promotions and again I would suggest if you
are gifted in design to create some of your own.

You can design your own at:

You can get free images at:

Of course if you wish you can also get some created for you

Again keep them family friendly and truthful.

I have now added the fantastic Funnel Five system to really explode your potential earnings with GDI.

The funnel five system is FREE to join and promotes 5 programs of which GDI is the one which offers the long term passive income.

​However the accompanying four programs are all excellent too in making you both income upfront and passive income.

This is really a winning combination.

​Watch the video below to give you an idea of how the funnel five system works.

​Be under no illusion this is a great opportunity
and there is every possibility to make a substantial
monthly passive income but I must also make it quite
clear that this is a business and as such you will
need to give it time to develop and it will need you
to work seriously at building it.

It will not miraculously become successful if you do nothing.

So this is a great business you have joined and I
will do everything in my powers to help you each and
every step of the way.

If you want success and you are prepaired to work for success
then I can pretty much guarantee you will get it with
the GDI program.

Sure you will have good and bad days but that is business.

Brush off the bad days and go get the business moving to
give you an avalanche of good and brilliant days.

Terry Till
GDI Team Leader

Hey I am sure you will have lots of questions about the program and how it works. That's only natural and I want to tell you straight away that I am here to help you all the way to make sure you understand everything and you make a success of this great opportunity.

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​Terry Till

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